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Minibus Maxi Cab Service Singapore

Maxi Cab Limousine Service.

Minibus Maxi Cab Singapore

With the best option for your transportation needs. Wide range of selection for luxury 6 & 7 seater maxicab also the 13 seater mini bus service for business or leisure. We also provide private limousine services for bosses & clients pick up with luxury 4 to 13 seats VIP vehicles.

We provide with the best minibus maxi cab Singapore fleet with quality yet reliable limo service. A trustworthy and most reliable Singapore maxi taxi service for your travelling needs.

Call Our 24 hours Maxicab Hotline +65 93364142 or Email Us

“Affordable Minibus Maxi Cab Singapore Price With Best Rates” as follows:

Another outstanding service from us to our clients that we’re giving our dedicated first class limo service. And as we pledge ”Your Safe Journey Is Our Priority”, showing that we care for our customers safety and comfort.

Furthermore our rates are reasonably affordable price to hire for a Maxi Cab and to Charter Mini Bus in Singapore.

Maxi Cab Limousine Service A Luxury Minibus Service In Singapore

Best to travel in Luxury and Exclusive Limo Service is what everyone dream for. Furthermore what you need is the happiness and satisfaction throughout the journey. “Here we gave a luxury ride with the best and cheapest price for a wide range of limousine vehicles of your choice!”. All you need is to call us or email us for reservation and inquiries.

In addition with our maxi limousine service that we offer a reliable service at very affordable cost. As we put our clients and guests a safe travelling journey the first priority. Be it for business or leisure, a safe and comfortable journey is important to us.

Whereas our Minibus Maxi Cab Singapore Services which includes airport transfer, one way transfer, city tour, etc. We’ll serve to drives right to door steps without hassle.

maxi cab limousine service

13 Seater Mini Bus Service

Singapore Maxi Cab Fleets

Our Maxi Taxi Fleet of limousines from minibus maxi taxi Singapore are as follows:

We serves our customers and clienteles with dedicated willingness. Be it from the locals and also the tourists, a satisfaction guarantee by taking our limo maxi taxi fleet as the following:

Minibus Limousine Service Singapore

maxicab limousine service singapore

13 Seater Mini Bus Limo.

Flat Fare Starts from SGD60 City Transfer (CBD).

In addition of being able to carry more passengers up to 13 people in our luxury mini bus. Taking more VIPs is not a hassle when you hire a luxury mini bus from us. Hence maintaining our limousine standard everywhere we go.

7 Seater Maxi Cab Singapore Service

Singapore maxi cab 7 seater taxis service

Singapore Maxi Taxi Cab – 7 Seater Viano

Whereas if you’re thinking of getting the Best Big Taxi in Singapore for your family?

The Best Conclusion is to get the 7 seater maxi cab Singapore for your travelling needs. And it also a well-known Big Taxi in Singapore for decades. 

If your group are not more than 7 people, then this 7 seater taxi will be suitable for you with spacious ample space.

Furthermore we’re offered cheap and affordable maxi taxi booking reservationCall our Maxi Taxi Service Hotline Number +65 93364142 Now!

Flat Fare starts from SGD50 City Transfer (CBD).

Toyota Alphard Vellfire Limo Cab

maxi cab limousine services singapore

Vellfire Limo Cab.

Almost the same size but different in capacity compare with the 7 seater maxi cab Singapore. As a result for airport transfer service which are more relevant for a smaller group of passenger with more spacious and comfort ride.

And have advantage of being able to carry bigger luggage comparing to a regular taxi Singapore.

Furthermore we offers our private Alphard Vellfire Limo Service at a special corporate cost.

maxicab limousine service singapore

Private Vellfire Limo

Not forgetting the locals and tourists whom prefer the luxury 6 seater alphard vellfire limo cab because of the comfortable and smooth ride.

Hence the 6 seater Aphard Vellfire limo cab can be hire either for one way transfer or hourly booking. Be it for business or leisure with your choice!

Wedding cars are also available for 6 seater Alphard and Vellfire yet we offer at affordable cost.

Flat Fare starts from SGD50 City Transfer (CBD).

We’re looking forward to serve your transportation needs. Booking Maxi Cab Limousine Service :


maxicab limousine service

VIP Service with Free WiFi Available.