Minibus Maxi Cab Singapore

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Singapore maxi cab 7 seater taxis service

7 Seater Maxi Cab Singapore

7 Seater Maxi cab Singapore

7 seater Maxi Cab Singapore

As among of the most popular maxi cab are the 7 seater Mercedes Viano. This is due to the advantage of the spacious luggage space. While the huge body can comfortably carry a group of 7 people with 7 luggage to travel to the airport.

Maxi Cab Singapore Airport Transfer Service

7 Seated Luggage Compartment

7 Seater Maxi Cab Singapore A Limousine Transport Services

Have you ever plan for your trip to the airport terminal with plenty of luggage? Book a 7 seater maxi cab Singapore from us if you’re party of 7 people. Guaranteed a comfortable safe travelling journey with spacious taxi that can fit 7 people with luggage to travel in comfortable sits & relaxes with a pleasant journey.

First of all with an affordable fare from SGD55, our Big Taxi Service are from 6 to 7 seater maxicab and also 9 to 13 seater mini bus with limo driver and can be charter for;

  • City Transfer (One or Two Way Transfers)
  • Airport Transfer (Arrival Pick Up and Departure)
  • Wheelchair Bound Transfer Service
  • City Tour & Shopping Spree
  • Hourly Booking & Event Booking

7 Seater Maxi Cab Singapore A Big Taxi Limo Service

Why book 7 Seater Maxi Cab Singapore from us? Because our island wide network are from private limousine maxi cabs to a maxi taxi company that we used to work with as their drivers. Our largest fleet of big taxi Singapore are from Viano 7 Seater Maxi cab & Alphard Vellfire 6 Seater Big Taxi with Limo Service.  

You and family member can have just 1 Big Taxi rather than taking 2 regular taxi Singapore. Therefore the advantages of getting everyone together with luggage in just one big taxi will save time & value for your money. Consequently our Luxury Minibus Maxi Cab Singapore are from exclusive 6 seater limo cab to 13 seater minibus with limo driver.

Satisfaction guaranteed for your safe travelling journey, this will secured you and belongings to reach safely at your destination. The Best travelling experience in comfort with our luxury 7 seater taxis and also 13 seater mini bus service.

Maxi cab Singapore Mini Bus Service

7 / 9 / 13 Seater Minibus Maxicab Singapore

Maxi Cab Singapore and Mini Bus Service

Singapore Maxi Cab 7 seater Viano and 13 seater mini bus

 Minibus Maxi Cab Singapore For Event

In addition, we have more than 10 years of experienced in being involved in most of major events in Singapore such as:

Singapore Maxi Cab 7 seater taxis service

Maxi Cab Viano / Vito

Singapore Maxi Cab 7 Seater Limo Service

F1 SGP Event Maxi Cab Booking

 Transporting Mass and Bulky Item

Another from our MaxiCab Service are moving item in Mass or bulky. While moving them from place to place is a hassle.  Furthermore it is more costly getting a mover company and most probably only accept advance bookings. Whereas regular taxi Singapore limited space will not fit in.

Advantages for you to choose from 7 seater maxi taxi, 9 seater mini bus or 13 seater minibus charter service for moving bulky item.

DON’T WORRY, well accept all kind bookings either for advance or current booking. Hence for Current Booking, our maxi taxi will be at your location within 5, 10, 15 minutes.

Timing will be also depends on the availability of the nearest maxi cab that sometimes took a bit longer time to reach at the pick up location.

Hence allowing our maxi taxis a slight longer timing is preferred with estimated time to reached within 20 mins for current call booking by phone.

Singapore Maxi Cab 7 seater taxis service

Moving Bulky Item for Airport transportation

Singapore Maxi Cab 7 seater taxis service

9 / 13 Seater Maxi Cab Luggage Compartment

Minibus Maxi cab Singapore – Service Hotline CALL +65 93364142

Your Trusted Maxi Cab Singapore & Mini Bus Service at anytime anywhere you are. Be on time to suit your transportation needs. Book for One Way Transfer, Airport Transfer (Arrival Pick Up & Departure), City Tour & Hourly Charter, Weddings & Events. Be it for your Private or Corporate Use, We’re giving a TOP NOTCH SERVICE.