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Award Given to KAHF Limousine Services Singapore

Limousines have become one of the standard bearers of class and comfort, and nowhere more so than in Singapore itself.

A limousine is an ultimate transportation when it comes into style; whether you are travelling for business or leisure. It is only justified that a limousine company heralds’ excellent transportation service that people can trust, and KAHF Limousine Services Singapore is the ultimate company.

Today, KAHF Limousine Services is a company that can proudly state that they have provided their customers with top-notch services.

The luxury air-condition maxi cabs and mini buses are always in well immaculate condition. Providing with chauffeured services such as for airport transfers, luxury limo transfers and to hold special events.  We also manage large and small group tours all with the same dedication to our client satisfaction and with scrupulous attention to details.

Established in 2007, KAHF Limousine Services Singapore has successfully achieved strong recognition and positive accreditation over the years. Customers may be en-route to an important business meeting or to build strategic ties; KAHF Limousine understands the significance and importance of each journey. It is with this understanding that ensure that each journey a successful one for their distinguished guest.

Safety and Security is a paramount important within the company services ensuring drivers are well trained and screened before performing any task.  The prestige of being chauffeured by us with limousine standard minibus maxi cab Singapore services are affirmed by a modern polished fleets. Hence renewed and subject to rigorous maintenance protocols to ensure customers satisfactions.

KAHF Limousine Services Singapore also invest on available technologies to enhance the customer’s experience. This is especially apparent in KAHF Limousine’s execution of large events such as for American Express and Nokia. Potential clients frequently reached out to KAHF Limousine with business prospects, as well as seeking a long term-professional collaboration with them.

With plenty of opportunities, the company could further develops their business to other regions. Despite with our skills and experiences, we had encountered a number of obstacles throughout our entrepreneurial journey.

KAHF Limousine Services Singapore

Our reputation only as maxi cab Singapore fleet back then in 2013.  It was a challenging period trying to earn the trust of our clients and gaining credibility without a portfolio.  We only had experienced as a taxi limousine and maxi cab limousine drivers years back.

Nevertheless, we’re determined to focus and driven to establishing our KAHF Limousine Services. Our constantly researched and looked for solutions to provide value added services to attract more customers.  The ability in sustaining our business was the proudest achievement for us.

Party Van Singapore

KAHF Limousine Services that standout from others are our specially owned product call Party Van Singapore.  A party bus can holds up to 12 passengers. Features with deluxe leather wrapped around seats. Decorates with beautiful colors changing lights comes with an exquisite fogs machine.

Upon request for complimentary refreshments and Karaoke system are also available to keep customers entertained. With the DVD player and tablets connectivity, party goers can choose what they wish to sing and hear to their heart’s delight. The bus also offers high quality sound system, lights and other entertainment features to ensure that the customers have an enjoyable night out in the Party Bus.

Singapore Enterprise Medal of Honour Award

The Singapore Enterprise Medal of Honour award is a strong representation of KAHF Limousine’s achievement and efforts throughout the years. Considering their current success, we strongly believe that the company will continue to become a rising name in the industry.